About Rémi Lefebvre

Rémi Lefebvre is the President and Lead Event Manager with eSource Event. Rémi found his love of events through his love of classical music. He spent the early years of his career as a registered music teacher, an arts administrator, and as a concert-tour manager.

Working with Live Musicians

Few things add ambiance and style to an event as well as live musicians. Unfortunately, many event organizers are fearful of bringing in live musicians. They've heard horror stories about the diva that wants 350 RED M&Ms ("and so help me if I see one green candy in that bowl…") or they think that bringing [...]

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Top 5 Can’t Miss Ideas to Rock Social Media at Events

Originally published at http://twirp.ca/2016/07/top-5-cant-miss-ideas-rock-social-media-at-events/ Great events connect people and create experiences. It’s no wonder that many (most) not-for-profits and charities make use of events to meet their fundraising goals and to increase awareness of their programs. However, all events are not created equal and success is never a guarantee. Diligent work must be done to ensure your [...]

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